Why Increase Likes

When it comes to finding the right win win marketing solution for your facebook fan pages. You will find that not all tactics will be win win but you will find that people will respond and when you have hundreds responding your sales and your brand will increase. Adding 100% real life likes in bulk to your fan page will add more interaction between you and your fans and also will add a increased trust in your fans. Having a good size number of fans will only serve your fan page better. This process of adding fans in bulk can take a lot of work you have to know how to set up the processes that we use and also have the time to spend at all of the day marketing your fan page to 100% real life targeted fans.

Increase Likes is a 100% real life company based right here in the United States of America. We are actually located in Midland, Michigan (pics of our office will be up soon) You can call us Mon – Fri 9am to 9pm we are always ready to talk fan pages and how we can help you drive traffic and convert your traffic to likes thous increasing your sales. My name is Brandon Holcomb I am 30 years old I maybe young but I have grown up in the social game, I know the lingo and I can walk the talk.


My company Increase Likes will not use any type of automated software to generate your 100% real life likes. We will not allow any porn bots or any fake profiles. If you discover any odd likes in your campaign please let us know we will provide a partial refund and provide additional likes to you. That is our promise. You may also head over to our contact us page or click the live help button if it says we are online, off to the top and or the side.


Look Forward to talking soon

Brandon Holcomb


Let’s keep in touch via email, I will teach you tips and tricks every day to increase your facebook fan page likes.

Are you still wondering why you should increase your  facebook likes ?

Why Buy Facebook Fans To Get Guaranteed Likes

Many companies across the world are contemplating to buy Facebook fans. Given the dominance of social media in all facets of life and business, it is not a surprise at all. With close to 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook is undoubtedly a market in itself. Reaching out to your target audience and hence your prospective customers on the social media would have to be top priority for any business. Here are just four simple but extremely important reasons why a business should buy Facebook fans.


buy facebook likes

Social media or social networks are an extremely influential and result oriented advertising medium. From a bakery to a real estate company, everyone has a presence on Facebook. However, advertising is not constrained to just having an online presence or trying to let people know about your business, products and services. There is a need to reach out to the people and make an impact. The only way to make an impact, from advertising perspective, is to get Facebook fans. How does a company analyze if their promotional attempts are being noticed by the prospective customers or if it manages to gain any momentum? It is through Facebook likes. When more and more people like your Facebook posts, updates, become Facebook fans of your business page and participate in group discussions, offers and about everything that your company deals in, only then does a business get to reap benefits of impactful advertising. Buy Facebook fans and your company’s visibility on the social network would naturally get enhanced.

Increased Traffic

Facebook likes and Facebook fans impact your search engine optimization objectives. More people liking the content on your Facebook page would lead to people checking out your parent website. More prospective customers would get redirected to your product pages and an increased traffic is always the first objective in SEO or in sales through online avenues.

Brand Awareness

Every business would need more people to be aware of their existence unless it is already a Fortune 500 company and advertises on prime time television shows. When you buy Facebook fans, more people talk about your brand and there is an increased level of interest to find out about the products, services and latest updates. Consequentially, a profuse number of people get to know and eventually like your brand.

Grow Your Business

increase likes

When you look at benefits such as increased traffic, enhanced visibility and brand awareness, the obvious outcome is increased revenue and profitability. Using Facebook fans and likes, one can grow the business to unprecedented scales.


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