Buy Facebook Likes With Qenuine Profiles

When you buy your Facebook fans you will want to know exactly what you are getting for your outlay. If you buy 200  fans you will instantly notice those fans are genuine, real life people. The  fans will be targeted from the USA and not some developing nation in the South East Asian continent.


When you purchase likes from you will notice it takes between one and five days for your  fan page to become a more popular hang out. Having more people come to your  page is a great way to increase likes beyond the 200 Facebook likes you have purchased.


So how does such a system actually work? People are attracted to the popular student in the class, it’s only the way we naturally behave and when someone sees that something is popular then the crowds will come. About a year ago, I sold 40 fancy dress outfits for Halloween on the trading site eBay. Each costume was boxed and new and exactly the same. I had them on sale in February so people might buy them cheap and before the prices would all go up in late summer.


I was disappointed that when I listed the costumes I had only sold one in the first six weeks. The public listing shows how many costumes have been sold. I had three of my chums ask to buy but I wanted them to go through eBay and buy them, as I believed it would be good for business if clients saw that there were four sold rather than one. I can tell you it worked a treat! Within three days I had six more buyers and by the end of the week, 10 sold became 20 sold.


With my listing now showing 20 available and 20 sold it was fast becoming a hot item; and with the remaining 20 costumes left I suddenly had a scramble of interested buyers. It took just five days for the last 20 to go and even once they had been sold and dispatched I was receiving several messages from desperate buyers. We were only in the month of April, so it was nothing to do with some Halloween rush. Those costumes sat unsold for six weeks when unpopular. If you buy Facebook fans you’ll find the same thing happens to your fan page.


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